Tuesday, August 08, 2006

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The film, The Devil Wears Prada is a lighthearted take on the novel. With a more visual depiction of the high fashion world of magazines such as Vogue/Runway, this is about all that the film an boast over the book.

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Although, Meryl Streep portrays the devilish Miranda Priestly beautifully, and I do mean that in the literal sense of the word. Anne Hathaway, as Andy Sachs, leaves something to be desired. Nigel, although much different than his original character, is absolutely adorable. You will definitely fall in love with him, at the very least.

The movie follows the ups and downs of the book, with much less outside character development. Adrian Grenier has little input as Andy's boyfriends, aside from multiple gropings and leering comments. He sure is cute to look at, though. Actually, most of the male actors could easily be described as gorgeous. Andy's best friend, Lily, is hardly recognizable.

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The character of Miranda, however, is much more in depth, as her personal loneliness and cunning career motivations is displayed in full force. From her asymmetrical bob, to her choice facial expressions, her character will pull you in, and leave you wanting more. She is wicked, and hilarious all at once.

Finally, the ending is such a plot twist that loyal followers will be deeply disappointed, while movie goers will be stumbling. This is an excellent movie for looks and a light, entertaining time. However, hard core fans of the book will be quick to notice the shortcomings.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

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The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisenberger is hands down the best book of the genre... this is simply the book by which all others must be judged. Truth be known, this was also the final straw in persuading me to change my major from Business Administration to Journalism in pursuit of the job "a million girls would die for". Ok, so I might have missed Weisenberger's point, and this really is an absolutely fantastic read, even if the author is a self-obsessed, ungrateful bitch for penning this masterpiece.

The novel follows Andy Sachs, a well-educated, serious recent graduate who begins her tenure at Runway magazine (a poor cover for Weisenberger's alma mater Vogue) as a last resort. She has no interest in fashion (!), no experience (!), and absolutely no style (!). Also, as her colleagues are quick to let her know, she is a fat ass size six. Her pay sucks, the hours are long... And her boss isn't just a devil as the title implies, but a downright bitch. Weisenberger's former boss happened to be the godlike Anna Wintour, and needless to say, the rumored inspiration for the editor-in-chief of Runway, Miranda Priestly.

As the story unfolds, Miranda sends Andy on a gazillion seemingly mundane and impossible tasks, with little direction, and even less patience. Andy finds herself trying not to crash expensive sports cars, calling in four breakfasts a morning, and getting lots, and lots of coffee.

Throughout this entire story, you slowly see Andy's life fall to pieces. Her boyfriend dumps her because she is a "changed" person, and her best friend binge drinks herself into a car accident.

What I find most amusing about his book however, is not how Andy comes to piece her life back together. (That was cliched, and completely expected.) It was the sheer exhilaration that a job such as this really could exist. That someone is given then opportunity to assist someone as important as Anna Wintour...er, Miranda, is fantastic.

It seems I must be a "clacker", but this is a book that will open your eyes to a job I, at least, would die for. Anna Wintour, sign me up!